During my last dive of 2015 with the team we planned to visit a special wreck in the Oosterschelde. Due to almost zero visibility we spent our dive at the Dutch mussel-culture in Zeeland. Because these mussels filter the water constantly for food, the visibility in the near surroundings is pretty good.

Tertius mosselcultuur


In crystal clear waters sunlight may travel 40 metres down. However the intensity will be very low. This picture shows a wreck at a depth of 24m at noon on a very sunny day. It is dark at the bottom, but if you look up you can still see the sun.



I must have swam past this wreck a few times over the years, because I never saw her before, but frequently dive  this lake. It is so dark you can miss her by just a couple of inches.



The stern of this sandbarge lies at a depth of 17m. It is pitch black down there. This pic is taken without flashes, 3 sec. exposure time,  ISO 5000 and f/11.