This picture is taken last Sunday on the wreck of the “Rode Poon” in the North Sea. If you look closely you see a black balloon. All released balloons finally return to Earth as ugly litter. It can travel thousands of miles and pollute the most remote places and kills animals.CAS_7663-bewerkt-2-bewerkt

Sylter Aussenriff Greenpeace mission

Together with Greenpeace Deutschland the Ghost Fishing team managed to cleanup more than a ton of lost fishing nets from three wrecks. It was a very successful mission. In this time of year, visibility in the North Sea is quit poor due to algae bloom. Sometimes you can’t even see further than 50cm. CAS_6680-bewerkt

Ghost Fishing Malta

Divers of the Ghost Fishing team visited the wrecks of Malta to remove lost fishing gear. We put the nets and fishing lines in bags and shoot them up to the surface were they are picked up by our support team of Techwise.CAS_4637-bewerkt

North Sea vizz

Due to weather conditions unfortunately the visibility in the North Sea isn’t to good at times. Still the Ghost Fishing divers do their job; getting rid of lost fishing nets.  I try to make the best of it,  showing the world what it’s like down there in these circumstances.