This picture is taken last Sunday on the wreck of the “Rode Poon” in the North Sea. If you look closely you see a black balloon. All released balloons finally return to Earth as ugly litter. It can travel thousands of miles and pollute the most remote places and kills animals.CAS_7663-bewerkt-2-bewerkt

Sylter Aussenriff Greenpeace mission

Together with Greenpeace Deutschland the Ghost Fishing team managed to cleanup more than a ton of lost fishing nets from three wrecks. It was a very successful mission. In this time of year, visibility in the North Sea is quit poor due to algae bloom. Sometimes you can’t even see further than 50cm. CAS_6680-bewerkt


This picture shows the last part of a divers ascent in clear water. On a sunny day you are able to observe how sunbeams are reflected from the sandy bottom and returned by the water surface into one midpoint. It looks quit spectacular.


Ghost Fishing Malta

Divers of the Ghost Fishing team visited the wrecks of Malta to remove lost fishing gear. We put the nets and fishing lines in bags and shoot them up to the surface were they are picked up by our support team of Techwise.CAS_4637-bewerkt

Reel operation.

First dive of 2016. Working on some skills. Certain dives require a guideline, like wreck penetration dives. When installing or retrieving  a line, the diver should use the left hand to hold both the reel and the light. This leaves the right hand free to, for instance, add gas to the wing or to reel-in.Tecline


During my last dive of 2015 with the team we planned to visit a special wreck in the Oosterschelde. Due to almost zero visibility we spent our dive at the Dutch mussel-culture in Zeeland. Because these mussels filter the water constantly for food, the visibility in the near surroundings is pretty good.

Tertius mosselcultuur

Entering a wreck.

Despite stormy weather, the team searched and found this typical Dutch flatboat. Divers entered the cargo hold in which peat was transported in former days. A great dive for testing the 15000 lumen DDL led light. It shows  a nice circle on the wreck.