Missed a wreck

As the project moves on we went out to find a particular wreck of an old dutch sailing boat at 30m. We didn’t find it and ended up with an old car wreck instead. Better luck next time!Auto ZE7:8

Localizing wrecks 2

We had some info on the position of this small wreck, so we went for it with the scooters.
At a depth of 24m and after 12 minutes of scootering we found her! This is a typical boat used for transportation of peat in the 19th century.

Praam ZE 7:8884554_143881019119364_1464617281_o

Localizing wrecks

Our diving-team has started to localize wrecks and other objects around Zand Eiland 8 in Vinkeveen. In order to make a new underwater map we need to locate wrecks, take measurements and pictures and exact GPS coordinates. Very much fun to do and it provides some nice pics.
Wrak rood bootje ZE8