Healthy Seas

This Sunday the Ghostfishing team removed old fishing nets from the wrecks „Tyche” and „Pispotten” for the Healthy-Seas-Project, which is a worldwide project.
Viz wasn’t to good compared to the Chinese sea, but for the Northsea it was ok. We got rid of quit a lot of old fishing gear.Ghost Fishing 4 Tyche

Fish eye

Today was our last day of diving in the Philippines. Made some pics with the fish eye lens. Jeroen was my model once again! We had a great two weeks!Anemone Roen 2

Apo Island

Made three dives on Apo Island, one of the most beautiful diving spots in the Philippines. Typical wide-angle spot.
Caught this anemone in the entrance of a small cave.Anemone Apo