For our Ghost Fishing missions we are always seeking for useful equipment.

HMS Stubborn’s conning tower

This is a must see for sub fans! HMS Stubborn; length 70 meters and a 7 meter beam. She currently lies at a depth of 57 meters on the North coast of Malta. Impressive wreck….CAS_7831-bewerkt


This picture is taken last Sunday on the wreck of the “Rode Poon” in the North Sea. If you look closely you see a black balloon. All released balloons finally return to Earth as ugly litter. It can travel thousands of miles and pollute the most remote places and kills animals.CAS_7663-bewerkt-2-bewerkt

Sylter Aussenriff Greenpeace mission

Together with Greenpeace Deutschland the Ghost Fishing team managed to cleanup more than a ton of lost fishing nets from three wrecks. It was a very successful mission. In this time of year, visibility in the North Sea is quit poor due to algae bloom. Sometimes you can’t even see further than 50cm. CAS_6680-bewerkt