Finally I dived this beautiful wreck near the Island of Vis, Croatia. This flying fortress B17 lies at a depth of 72m. Still pretty much intact after 70 years on the seabed.


For our Ghost Fishing missions we are always seeking for useful equipment.

HMS Stubborn’s conning tower

This is a must see for sub fans! HMS Stubborn; length 70 meters and a 7 meter beam. She currently lies at a depth of 57 meters on the North coast of Malta. Impressive wreck….CAS_7831-bewerkt


This picture is taken last Sunday¬†on the wreck of the “Rode Poon” in the North Sea. If you look closely you see a black balloon. All released balloons finally return to Earth as ugly litter. It can travel thousands of miles and pollute the most remote places and kills animals.CAS_7663-bewerkt-2-bewerkt